Send the digital receipts to your customers

Embrace the digital receipt revolution, and give your customers the experience they expect. The best merchants already have it.

The digital receipt.
Sent automatically with at payment.

Your customer pays with his card and the receipt appears instantly in his banking app. The future.

Nothing changes for you

Upon payment, the receipt is automatically sent to the customer's bank account.

Nothing changes for your customer

No app to download, no email, no QR code.
Just a payment.

Save your time

Get rid of the receipts

No need to print the receipt or to ask for the email at the checkout.
As soon as the purchase is made, your customer receives the receipt.

Switch instantly to the digital receipt

Just ask your POS to activate KillBills, and you will be live in less than 48 hours.


No fees for the store.

No training needed

Nothing to do at the checkout, we take care of everything.

Nothing to install

Your system is ready.

Thousands of merchants integrated, millions of receipts collected: don't wait any longer to ask for KillBills!

Invite your customer...
into the future

A whole new shopping experience: let your customers do much more with their receipts.

Expense management

With a fully digitized receipt, forget the paperwork, forget the pictures at the end of the month. Dear restaurants, you're going to score points.

Easy exchange and return

No more endless searching for the ticket in the drawers, it is safe, with its return barcode.

Interactive receipt

Warranty reminder, link to the product sheet or the brand's social networks, purchase tracking.... Make way for the smart receipt.
Coming soon

Understand your sales in a whole new way

KillBills is a little genius that turns each sale into really useful trends. Average basket, purchase frequency, lifetime value...

  • Data from all the customers who pay by card, not just those who have a loyalty card.

  • Anonymised data transformed into trends and graphs.

  • Relevant statistics for each sector, with real-time insights.

Countless advantages

Equivalent to the number of receipts per month for a small restaurant
For the planet
Water saved
For the planet
Preserved trees
For the planet
CO2 emissions avoided
For your business
Paper rolls avoided
For your business
Saved time
For your business
Money saved

Tomorrow, everyone

will have it

Just as everyone has switched to contactless payment, absolutely no one will miss the ugly little flying paper.

Get a head start by switching to digital tickets now. In a few minutes, you'll be ready for the future.

Abroad, the movement is already underway. Just go to England, Finland or Australia to see it!

Become a POS Partner

We have an API that allows you to simply integrate with our platform in a record time!