Introducing the digital receipt

Allowing you to keep track of all your purchases in one place.

All your receipts in one place, in your banking app

Activate easily KillBills in your app to find your purchase receipts alongside your daily transactions.

Nothing more to install


Make a purchase with your credit card in a shop or online


Receive the receipt instantly in your banking app


Check all your purchases and retrieve your tickets

Everything becomes easier

Being able to access all your tickets at a glance saves you a lot of time and trouble.
The best ally for organised people.
The saviour of those who are less organised.

Easy exchanges and returns

No more endless searching for a ticket in your drawers. Always accessible in your banking app.


Computer breakdown? Take a breath, you have the proof of warranty right here.

Expense reports

With a fully digitised receipt, no more juggling paperwork, no more photos to take at the end of the month.

Readable account

Finally understand your account statement, with a clear name associated with each expense.

All your purchases are there!

Find any purchased product or invoice in an instant. The digital receipt can even be used as a memo.

Small purchases

The best way to remember a fancy restaurant, do your accounts or buy a new pair of jeans in the right size.

Large purchases

The digital receipt is a lifesaver when it comes to renewing a warranty, finding that crucial serial number or getting a VAT refund.

An improved shopping experience

Just paid? You've got the receipt. No paper, no contact, no time wasted.

Your favorite merchant still hasn't switched to digital receipts ? Ask for it

Your bank account gets smarter

KillBills gives you a much better overview of your spending. A bank account that also allows you to better manage your budget: quite logical in reality!

Still not available in your banking app?
Don't be shy. Ask for it

Total respect of the data privacy

We have set up a bank level infrastructure - no less - thanks to our service provider approved by the ACPR (Banque de France), which manages the connection with your banking application.

Our privacy policy respects the GDPR: without your explicit consent, your data will never be used.

Much more eco-responsible

KillBills' impact in figures...

For the planet
Water saved
43 752
For the planet
Preserved trees
For the planet
CO2 emissions avoided
Our collaboration with KillBills has enabled us to complete an important step for the automation of expense reports: the automatic retrieval of receipts.
Alexandre Smadja,
KillBills makes it easy for our customers to digitise their receipts, without wasting time at the checkout and with a quick integration!
Yoni Bensoussan,
Amazing service! Everything is done automatically when the clients pays, and I don't waste paper anymore.
Expensya has in its DNA the desire to continuously improve its service and we are happy to contribute with KillBills to a solution that brings added value to our clients.
Karim Jouini,