New banking service: the digital receipt

Be the first to offer the digital receipts directly in your banking application.

Make your bank shine

When you make life so much easier for your users, your links are be even stronger.

  • + 60% more use of the banking application at a partner bank

  • Increase your Net Promoter Score

All the receipts

in their bank app.

A card payment and the digital receipt appears automatically in the bank account.

All the receipts in one place

Centralized, accessible and linked to daily operations.

Easy as pie

Your customers just need to activate the feature in their account.

Make their lives easier with the digital receipt

Isn't that what your customers expect from a good banking app?

Expense management

With a fully digitized receipt, forget the paperwork, forget the pictures at the end of the month. Your clients will love this service.

Easy exchange and return

Help your customers get their money back and help them manage their exchanges in a easier way.


The computer has broken down? Be the breath of fresh air for your customers by offering proof of guarantee in their banking application.

Monitoring of purchases

Make way for the smart ticket! You will be able to offer your customers a better follow-up of their purchases, benefit from an automatic categorization of their expenses and much more...

Coming soon

Become a super banking app

Help your users to better manage their money, understand their purchases, visualize their impact... In short, become indispensable.

An infinite number of highly innovative features become possible..

  • Budget management

  • Nutritional values

  • Carbon footprint of purchases

  • Categorisation of spending

Less chargeback to handle

With KillBills, your customers immediately recognize their purchases.
As a result, your refund request decrease.

Designed for modern banks

Take your place among the pioneers. Offer the digital receipts in your banking account now.

API ready to integrate

Simple and intuitive

Tailor-made follow-up

The result of the support of numerous partners

Integrated with accounting tools

A physical expense? An online receipt automatically reconciled!

Secure banking connection thanks to our ACPR-approved service provider.
Data centers hosted in France.

Your ticket for the future

Be the bank your customers want.

With KillBills, get a head start by switching to the digital receipts now. In a few minutes, you are ready for the future.

The movement has already started abroad. England, Finland or Australia: they all propose the digital receipts!

Countless advantages

Equivalent to the number of tickets per month for a convenience store
For the planet
Water saved
For the planet
Preserved trees
For the planet
CO2 emissions avoided
For your business
Paper rolls avoided
For your business
Saved time
For your business
Money saved